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Brand guidelines

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You can use our logo on all your supports, web and paper ! By the way, SOSav's team has prepared for you a visual style guide with a few guiding principles to properly use our logo.

SOSav visual style guide is a work document containing all essential rules to use our logo for all your public relations in general.
It is essential for you, and us, that all those rules are respected, to avoid any deterioration of SOSav's image.

If you wish to do otherwise, please contact us by email to and include a draft of what you wish to do.


SOSav logo varies, depending on it’s use and the chosen communication supports, whether it’s web or paper.

Le logotype (reduced version)

SOSav’s logotype also exists in its reduced version. It is the symbol, without the name or catching phrase.
This logo version varies depending on it’s use and the chosen communication supports, whether it’s web or paper.

Logotype colors

The logotype has to be used in its original colors.

RGB : 145/190/33
CMJN : 50/4/100/0
Pantone 376
(substitute color)

RGB : 64/64/64
CMJN : 66/56/53/57
Pantone 447
(substitute color)

Typographic universe

The typography chosen for SOSav's logotype is « Bariol » in bold for the word « sosav » and regular for the sentence «Let’s repair everything ourselves ».

Bariol Bold

Bariol Regular

Applying the logotype on a background

The original logotype applies on white background or light enough to make sure there is a good contrast.
The white logotype applies on dark backgrounds to make sure there is a good contrast. The alternative logotype can also be picked in those case.
On a green background, pleas opt for the white logotype.

When the background is an image, it has to be homogeneous and clear for a comprehensive reading of the original logotype. Otherwise, it’s best to choose the alternative logotype, even if a plain image is better.
Avoid applying the logotype and all it’s variations on a too colorful background.

Logotype interdiction

In order to respect SOSav visual style guide, any deterioration or modification of the logotype would be a weakness source for SOSav's image.

You must respect the application rules by taking into account all logotype interdictions.

Logotype protection zone

SOSav logotype is surrounded by a protection zone which guarantees to be visible and recognized.

This protection zone is an invisible technical rectangle, which has for height and width, the inside of the letter « O » of SOSAV. No graphic elements, texts or images can be added.


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