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Donate or lend your high tech products to SOSav

In over a year, we have created more than 1000 repair guides. Those tutorials allow you to easily repair your smartphones, tablets, video game consoles or even your Macs. We do not want to stop here and we'll continue to create more and more tutorials. To extend our offer, we can now count on our client's devices. We're looking for smartphones, cameras, tablets or video game consoles. We are convinced that many of you have treasures hidden in your closet.

Those products do not have any value to you but have a value to us ! They will probably help us create new tutorials. We only ask that this device does not already have a repair guide, is in a good condition and was made after 2004. Please note that good condition probably does not have the same meaning for you and us. Products do not necessarily have to be working, nor in perfect condition. The only thing we do not want is a broken product on the outside.

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How can you help us?

1 – Give your device

All you have to do is fill out that form.

Once it's filled out, we'll send you by email a shipping coupon so you can send us your product for free. You only have to cautiously wrap the device, and then stick the coupon on the package.

As soon as we receive the device, we'll make sure to create the repair guides as soon as possible so that our editors can write the tutorial. Once it's up online, we'll be glad to count you as a benefactor and your name will appear at the top of each guide.

Once the guide is online, either we keep your product in case we need to update our tutorials, or we recycle it thanks to the WEEE organisation. You will not have to worry about recycling it, we'll take care of your device for you. It is our duty after your kind donation !

2 – Lend us your device

What is the goal to lend your device ? As we were telling you, our only goal here at SOSav is to create more and more repair guides ! Your device is broken or broke down ? We offer to repair it for free ! The only thing we're asking for is that no guides have already been created for that device, that we have the spare parts for the repair and that the product hasn't been created before 2004.

Once again, it's very simple, all you have to do is fill out that form

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