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With SOSav,
become the kings and queens of repair !

Your smartphone, your tablet or your video-game console has broken down ? You usually have 2 solutions :

  • 1- Bring back your defective material to the manufacturer,
  • 2- Go to a repair shop.

These two solutions cost a lot of money !

Thanks to Sosav there is now a third solution.
Repair yourself your defective smartphone, tablet or video-game console for 2 to 3 times cheaper than if you were going to the Repair shop. Because you can of course perfectly do it by yourself and you won't pay for your own labor!

All of our repair guides come with step by step pictures. They help you throughout the repairing process. In each tutorial you'll find a list of the spare parts and tools needed to safely fix your device. These spare parts are of an identical quality to the original ones.

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If the screen of your iPhone is broken or the battery of your Galaxy S4 doesn't last until the end of the day. If you're unable to browse the internet on your iPad or the screen of your phone isn't at your beck and call?

There's nothing to worry about! Our repair guides allow you to repair 95% of the breakdowns on your smartphone (iPhones, Samsung...), tablet (iPad) or video-game consoles by yourself!

From there you'll also be able to find links to the spare parts you may need to complete the repair. For example if you're looking for, iPhone 6 spare parts as a screen, a battery for iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 back camera ,you can just buy the spare parts you need and follow our free repair guides on the website.

If you don't feel like doing the repair yourself one of our technicians from the Captain Repair network can come to your rescue. A repair with one of our Captains means a professional intervention done by a certified engineer. They send you a quote and come to you where and when you like. For more information Captain Repair UK, Captain Repair Canada.

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